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Commissioning Excellence in Disability
The Future of Work: Technology and Artificial Intelligence
The Third Degree – Re-examining fair access to higher education
The General Election Breadline Battleground
Annual Report 2018/19
Delivering a Government Office for Family Policy
People not problems – Politicians respond to five experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage
Community Capital: How purposeful participation empowers humans to flourish
Universal Credit – Update
ROAD TO RECOVERY: Addiction in our society – the case for reform
Ageing Confidently – Supporting an ageing workforce
Prioritising Growth – The Future of Immigration Policy
Housing that works – Can employers help solve the housing crisis?
The Social Justice Blueprint
12 by 24
Control, Order, Hope: A manifesto for prison safety and reform
Transforming Birth Registration
Why Family Matters: Comprehensive analysis of the consequences of family breakdown
Putting Down Roots
The Hidden Parent Poverty Trap: Child Maintenance and Universal Credit
A Review of the Family Test
The Future of Work: A Vision for the National Retraining Scheme
Testing Times: Supporting fathers during the perinatal period and early parenthood
Cannabis: The case against legalisation
A bright start
A Social Justice Housing Strategy
Annual Report 2017/18
Desperate for a Fix: Using shop theft and a Second Chance Programme to get tough on the causes of prolific drug-addicted offending

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