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Tackling England’s childhood obesity crisis

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Great to see #CSJAwards 2017 Winner @RedBalloonLCG featured on BBC News. They do life-changing work! https://t.co/c7H8thf1QF 1 hour ago
RT @IsabelHardman: I don’t know how long it will last, but after about a month of despair, the fog in my mind has lifted. Is so amazing whe… 11 hours ago
RT @RoryGeo: Tomorrow sees @QuilliamOrg publish an important paper, and @csjthinktank holds important roundtable. Both face up to #cse by g… 12 hours ago
RT @RoryGeo: Vital to be able to have honest conversations, no matter how difficult or challenging. Just one reason why @csjthinktank is wo… 2 days ago
RT @ft_health: This was a huge week for obesity warnings with studies from @nejm @CLScohorts @csjthinktank and @bmj_latest. Governments are… 2 days ago
Look out for @Edwardmjboyd shortly on @daily_politics, discussing the need to address the root causes of poverty -… https://t.co/bUhUrdoOlQ 2 days ago

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