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    Press Release from the Centre for Social Justice

  • Two Nations: The State of Poverty in the UK

The CSJ is an independent, award-winning organisation that puts social justice at the heart of British politics.

The CSJ’s vision is for those living in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities across Britain to be given every opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.

We bring this vision to life by seeking to influence the policies the Government creates and the laws it makes, such that it does all it can to address the root causes of poverty.

These are:

Through our partnership with the CSJ Foundation, we work with almost 400 grassroot charities from Britain’s poorest communities to bring to life their critical experience and expertise of addressing poverty,and supporting the most vulnerable people and communities.

We work with experts across the UK and worldwide to develop ambitious, evidence-based and experience-led reforms that tackle the root causes of poverty and social breakdown.

And we do not stop there. We take our reforms and, working closely with an extensive network of political, policy and media contacts, campaign for their successful implementation.

This is how we fight to transform people’s lives by releasing them from poverty.

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