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The journey to work: welfare reform for the next Parliament
Enough is Enough
Sentences in the Community: Reforms to restore credibility, protect the public and cut crime
Meaningful Mentoring
Girls and Gangs
Survival of the fittest? – Improving life chances for care leavers
Something’s got to give: The state of Britain’s voluntary and community sector
Establishing Britain as a world leader in the fight against modern slavery
‘When I get off the phone I feel like I belong to the human race’: Evaluation of the Silver Line Helpline Pilots
Maxed Out: Serious personal debt in Britain
‘I never left care, care left me’: ensuring good corporate parenting into adulthood
Potential for Partnership: Working together to create safer, healthier communities
The New Probation Landscape: Why the voluntary sector matters if we are going to reduce reoffending
Supporting Families, Strengthening Marriage
Requires Improvement: The causes of educational failure
No Quick Fix: Exposing the depth of Britain’s drug and alcohol problem
Up to the Job? : How reforming Jobcentre Plus will tackle worklessness
Turning the Tide: Social justice in five seaside towns
Strengthening relationships to prevent isolation and loneliness in old age
Fractured Families: Why stability matters
Signed On, Written Off: An inquiry into welfare dependency in Britain
Can Secure Colleges Transform Youth Custody?
Setting the record straight: A CSJ response to the Truth and Lies about Poverty report
It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery
Measuring Child Poverty: A Consultation on Better Measures of Child Poverty
Why the Dilnot social care reforms miss the point
Time to Wake Up: Tackling gangs one year after the riots
Transforming Childcare, Changing Lives: Making sure that work pays

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