A home is more than a house. It is the place we share time with our loved ones. It is where we raise children. It is a sanctuary after a hectic day. It is a springboard into school, jobs and serving in the local community.

As we add colour and personality to our homes, they become a frame for our lives and an extension of ourselves. Having a decent home matters to us deeply.

Renting privately can and should be a tenure where people feel they can thrive in a good home. Indeed, there are many good landlords and a lot of good private rental sector (PRS) dwellings—nationally, 80 per cent of tenants are satisfied with their accommodation.

We should encourage and support good landlords. This paper offers suggestions as to how they can exhibit excellence in the provision of residential accommodation. This is not necessarily about fancy apartments, but excellent service and value for money for every tenant.

However, there is also a substantial minority who are not satisfied. Their experiences of poor-quality housing and inadequate service make a severely negative impact on their lives. This must change.

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