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Christmas Card to the Coalition Government – 12 policies of Christmas from the Centre for Social Justice
Completing the Revolution: Transforming Mental Health and Tackling Poverty
Strengthening the Family and Tackling Family Breakdown Fatherlessness, dysfunction and parental separation/divorce
No excuses: A review of educational exclusion
Making sense of Early Intervention
Creating Opportunity, Rewarding Ambition: the value of entry level employment
Age of Opportunity: transforming the lives of older people in poverty
Family Justice Review: Response of the Centre for Social Justice
More Than a Game: Harnessing the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people
Building a Social Recovery: First Year Report Card on the Coalition Government
Strengthening families, promoting parental responsibilities: the future of child maintenance
History and Family: Setting the Records Straight. A rebuttal to the British Academy pamphlet Happy families?
Response of the Centre for Social Justice to Child Poverty and Improving Life Chances – Consulting on a New Approach
Mental Health: Poverty, Ethnicity and Family Breakdown Interim Policy Briefing
Outcome Based Government: How to improve spending decisions across government
Response of the Centre for Social Justice to the Ministry of Justice Green Paper, Breaking the Cycle
Family breakdown is not about divorce
The Forgotten Age: Understanding Poverty and Social Exclusion in Later Life
Fathers Not Included: A Response to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
Family Justice Review: Response of the Centre for Social Justice
Breakthrough Northern Ireland
21st Century Welfare: Response by the Centre for Social Justice
The Centre for Social Justice Response to the Spending Review Framework 2010: Maximising Social Value
The Centre for Social Justice Green Paper on Criminal Justice and Addiction
Green Paper on the Family
Why is the Government anti-Marriage? Family Policy derived from strong evidence would lead to policies which supported Marriage
Housing Poverty: From Social Breakdown to Social Mobility
Order in the Courts: Restoring trust through local justice

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