Report Launch: Better Insulate than Never

Wednesday 8th November| 1:15 PM - 3:00 PM | The Churchill Room, House of Commons

Better Insulate than Never: Spreading Opportunity through Domestic Decarbonisation

We are hosting a joint reception with Greener Futures Partnership examining the potential social benefits of the net zero transition, with a particular focus on the decarbonisation of social homes. The skills and training opportunities associated with good green jobs, together with cost savings driven by reduced energy demand, make housing decarbonisation an important social policy lever, as well as a key part of the country’s net zero transition.

We will consider how to maximise the benefits of net zero among disadvantaged communities. This is the question at the centre of our report which sets out a series of practical changes to make the most of the social as well as the economic benefits of domestic decarbonisation.

Please take note that in-person attendance is by invitation only.

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