Beyond Westminster: Why Fathers Matter

About 1.1 million children are growing up without a father in the UK today. The absence of men in their children’s lives, especially boys, is the subject of the fatherlessness discussion. No matter if they are present or not, fathers are essential to children, and when fathers are actively involved in their life, it has a beneficial impact on the wellbeing of the children and the relationships within the family. Our podcast explores what this phenomenon means for these children and the rest of us, as well as what we can do to address it.


  • Host : Cristina Odone, CSJ Head of Family
  • Marlon
  • Lord Tony Sewell CBE
  • Gareth Davis, Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford
  • Harriet Sergeant, Author
  • Sonia Shaljean, Founder and Managing Director for Lads Need Dads

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