Beyond Westminster: No Honour in Abuse

Domestic abuse affects more than 2 million women men and their children. It is both a public health crisis – affecting mental and physical health – and a crime. The sad reality is that still only one in five victims report abuse, and there are few prosecutions of this crime: treating this only as a criminal justice issue, therefore, fails to challenge the perpetrators and support their victims’ (and children’s) recovery to normal living. This podcast dives deep into why the Government needs to tackle domestic abuse as a public health issue. It also covers how the health service can identify and support those suffering from domestic abuse and play their part in tackling this issue.

** Please note that this podcast shares stories and examples of domestic abuse which some listeners may find distressing.


  • Cristina Odone – CSJ Head of Family
  • Alexandra Galvin – CSJ Researcher
  • Yehudis Fletcher – Co-founder of Nahamu charity

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