CATH MURRAY: Schools Week

15th May 2020

A new report on the state of alternative provision makes for some dire reading but there’s plenty of evidence it doesn’t have to be that way, writes Cath Murray

When you want to sell a story about excluded children into the mainstream media, it has to be about how dire their outcomes, or awful the schools that educate them are. Success stories are of lesser interest.

So when I’ve tried to talk about the report that we published today, people want to know what the really bad statistics are. And there are plenty.

Yes, it’s true that in 13 local authority areas not a single child has passed their maths and English GCSE in the past three years. Yes, half of children are NEET immediately after leaving their alternative provision school. Yes, one in five excluded children is educated in a school poorly-rated by Ofsted, compared to one in eight in mainstream or one in 20 in special.

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