It still happens here: Fighting UK Slavery in the 2020s


This report builds on the impact of the CSJ’s groundbreaking report ‘It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery’, which led to the passing of the Modern Slavery Act in 2015. It explores the progress that has been made in the UK’s response, five years on from the Modern Slavery Act, but also identifies the key challenges faced by frontline professionals who are working to fulfil their duties under the Act.

This report is not a review of the Modern Slavery Act; the Act has undergone significant scrutiny in the last five years and by no means do we wish to duplicate the tremendous analytical work that has gone in to gauge how it is working. We welcome the recommendations of the 2019 Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act and are looking forward to seeing the recommendations of this review implemented in line with the Government’s response.

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