Sophia Worringer

Deputy Policy Director

I joined the Centre for Social Justice as a full-time team member in September 2022 after first completing an internship in 2017 and then a short secondment to the family policy unit in 2019. I believe the CSJ is unique in the political world as we understand poverty as a multi-faceted issue, not just a balance sheet, and address the complex factors that drive people into poverty and keep them there. My own experience growing up with limited financial opportunities, but with the solid backing of a stable family who encouraged aspiration, has shown me how important these non-monetary factors are in releasing potential.

Before joining the CSJ I worked as Senior Parliamentary Assistant to Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP covering a range of policy areas from China foreign policy to dog theft. Prior to that I worked for a Member of the House of Lords on a Ministry of Justice report on women in prison. I graduated with a first-class degree from King’s College London in 2018.

Something you might not know about me

I grew up in Liverpool, with a short stint in Istanbul, and am a proud Scouser, although the accent is waning.

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