Nikita Malik

Head of Work and Opportunity

It’s a privilege to work at the CSJ and address the root causes of Britain’s social problems through practical, workable policy interventions. I share the organisation’s vision to help people experiencing multiple disadvantages and injustices reach their full potential.

Prior to the CSJ, I spent over a decade at three different think tanks in Westminster where I focused on domestic policy to protect and prevent vulnerable people from being drawn to lives of violence, crime, and extremism.

One of the best ways to protect people from poverty is by providing opportunities for sustainable, good quality work. I am excited to help shape the CSJ’s research and policy in this area, and focus on investing and reforming our employment and social security systems to make work pay.

Prior to working in policy, I was a management consultant at EY, and before this I completed a BA and an MSc in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Something you might not know about me

My parents are such big fans of Elton John that I was named after one of his songs.

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