Matthew Patten

Political & Communications Director

I am a long-term fan of the Centre for Social Justice. For over 15 years, as a Charity CEO and then a Member of the European Parliament, I have convened and championed high impact campaigns in education, employment, disability, poverty, nutrition, sport, digital, and justice. The challenges of our post-Brexit, post-Covid world mean that it is more important than ever to innovate and champion radical social justice solutions at the heart of British politics. While some are asking about Britain’s role in the world, or our place in the global economy, the Centre for Social Justice is thinking about what kind of society we want to live in.

Something you might not know about me

My greatest achievement was delivering our third son. The midwives were late, there was nothing else to be done, and fortunately my wife knew what was needed. When the midwives finally arrived, their only comment was about the mess.

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