Jessica Brown

Grants Director

My interest in working with the CSJ is driven by my passion for social change, along with a commitment to reduce poverty and inequality in UK communities. I have extensive experience of grant-making and philanthropy, having carried out senior functions across UK trusts and foundations, charities and social enterprises for almost 20 years. My work experience includes managing grant portfolios, developing funding strategy and fostering partnerships with high impact charities. I joined the CSJ as Grants Director of the Trusthouse Charitable Foundation to find, fund and support the best small UK charities. In my previous role at the Barrow Cadbury Trust, I set up and managed a £6 million fund for grants and social investments. I was recognised as one of the top 100 UK women in social enterprise as part of the NatWest WISE100 Awards. I am also Vice Chair of the Association of Charitable Foundation (ACF) a membership network of over 400 grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK. I hold several advisory roles to develop strategic initiatives in the social sector. This includes my role as Chair of Hatch Enterprise, an incubator to support talented social entrepreneurs.

Something you might not know about me

I am a big fan of Philip Pullman’s books and Christopher Nolan’s films, but can’t decide whether Memento, Inception or Tenet is the best. My first job was working in an ice cream shop, where I became an expert in decorating the cakes.

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