What is an Inner City Challenge?

Working with the homeless, addicts, those in broken communities and the vulnerable, MPs from all political parties are invited to participate in voluntary placements for between 1 and 3 days with some of the most innovative poverty-fighting projects in Britain.

As well as providing a safe and meaningful way to interact with the real life people that make up terrifying national statistics, the CSJ Challenge is also an eye-opener on the diverse, creative and energetic voluntary and charity sector that is making huge, but often silent, impact across the UK.

The rules for MPs are:

  • No special treatment
  • You are there to serve, in a similar way to a GAP year volunteer
  • You will live away from Westminster and with or close to the client group you're serving
  • A placement is not in the MP's constituency: this isn't for political gain but an education for your work as a representative
  • Keep in touch with your project

The rules for projects are:

  • 'Keep it real'
  • Don't paint any corridors for the visit!
  • Use your visiting MP as you would any other volunteer: no job too small e.g. cleaning toilets
  • No special accommodation

MPs will keep in touch with their project for the year and invite a member of their staff for a one-week internship at Parliament.

Refer an organisation to the CSJ Alliance