• Alan Milburn addresses Labour’s future at CSJ briefing

    Former Labour cabinet minister analyses the Labour leadership election and the outcome of the 2015 General Election

    Watch - Alan Milburn speech

  • CSJ Director introduces the Prime Minister's One Nation speech

    In his first major speech on social justice, David Cameron has said that tackling worklessness, family breakdown, addiction, poor teaching and debt is key to transforming the lives of the poorest in Britain.

    Christian Guy speech - David Cameron speech

  • CSJ launches new report on financial inclusion

    The CSJ recommends measures to tackle problem debt as household debt soars to £1.47 trillion

    Full report - Press release

  • Key social justice measures announced in Queen’s Speech

    CSJ recommendations announced include plans to tackle youth unemployment, end detention of mentally ill in police cells and a ban on ‘legal highs’.

    CSJ Response


    £10,000 prizes available for the UK’s most effective community-based charities and voluntary projects that are helping people trapped in poverty to transform their lives and change their stories.

    Further information - Application form

  • CSJ calls for body scanners to tackle prison drug smuggling

    New CSJ report highlights how the easy availability of drugs in prison is harming prisoners chances of rehabilitation.

    Full report - Press release

  • CSJ launches A Modern Response to Modern Slavery

    The report, written by Fiona Cunningham, outlines how to end human trafficking and modern slavery in the EU

    Full report - Press release

  • Major CSJ recommendation - the Modern Slavery Act - becomes law

    The Modern Slavery Act gains Royal Assent following a recommendation made by the Centre for Social Justice report, It Happens Here

    Press release