Fantastic news that @bobblackmanmp #HomelessnessReductionBill has passed second reading w/ support across parties 3 hours ago
Every penny invested in Universal Credit will go to low-paid workers, compared w/ 25p of every £1 invested in income tax personal allowance 3 hours ago
RT @BBCr4today: "We want to make sure work always pays" - Iain Duncan Smith wants the PM to roll back on cuts to Universal Credit #r4today 3 hours ago
RT @HannahGousy: .@RichardBenyonMP talking about new research project frm @csjthinktank to help tackle #homelessness #HomelessnessReducti 5 hours ago
Our CEO Andy Cook writes for @CapX on Govt's new Apprenticeship Levy for care leavers - a CSJ recommendation 5 hours ago
RT @HannahGousy: Now hearing from @davidburrowesmp - heartbreaking experience of constituent who was turned away from council. #homelessnes 5 hours ago

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