#Unemployment is a driver of poor #mentalhealth increasing anxiety about finances, social isolation & stigma. New CSJ research out soon. 2 hours ago
Nearly a 1/4 of all parents worry about hidden costs at state #schools. Selection is already happening. Read more https://t.co/HmEiJQlDHQ 3 days ago
The #employment rate for people who have poor #mentalhealth is 36.7%. Better support is needed. New CSJ research out soon. 3 days ago
Every child deserves an #education that helps them reach their full potential https://t.co/jmj5LzHSDI 3 days ago
.@JustineGreening puts #socialmobility at the heart of her #education agenda including key ideas from our report https://t.co/bwxJXRyl56 4 days ago
14,780 households were accepted as #homeless in the 3 months of 2016 - a rise of 9% compared to yr before. New CSJ research aims to address. 4 days ago

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