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The Centre for Social Justice is an independent not-for-profit organisation which is funded through the generosity of private supporters, corporate sponsors, trusts and foundations. We pride ourselves on our independence and do not receive any government funding.

The CSJ is the authoritative voice on the causes and consequences of poverty in Britain. Our aim is to create a cross-party consensus on how to tackle some of Britain’s most acute social problems, which are causing such devastation to people’s lives across the UK. By giving to the CSJ you are helping tackle the root causes of Britain’s most entrenched social problems, from third generation welfare dependency to chronic family breakdown and the hardships this can bring. Your support will enable the CSJ to promote effective, practical solutions to government which in turn empower vulnerable people to rebuild their lives.

Every donation matters to us here at the CSJ and we are founded on the support of people who share our passion to reverse social breakdown in the UK and see lives changed. Even small regular donations add up to make a big difference.

Project Partnership:

The CSJ welcomes partnerships with individuals or organisations who share our commitment to social justice. CSJ Partners are organisations who share our values and who take seriously their responsibility to effect change in society and help those living at the sharp end of poverty.

From our Breakthrough Britain work, shining a light on the driving forces of poverty, to human trafficking and old age isolation, the CSJ is regarded as the UK’s leading authority on issues of social justice.

The CSJ’s approach to research and policy development is unique. Working with our Alliance of grass-root charities from across the UK, the CSJ’s research and recommendations represent the real voice and needs of people living at the sharp end of poverty. Our evidence-led approach to policy development provides a voice in Westminster to the real experts on the issues. A significant number of CSJ policy recommendations have been adopted by both the previous and present Government.

Our supporters know that their contribution is well placed to deliver impact on the issues that matter. If you would like to discuss a partnership arrangement with the CSJ or giving privately please contact Ed Boyd:

Contact Number: +44 (0) 207 227 9999
Email: [email protected]