Criminal Justice

The Centre for Social Justice has a strong legacy of work and impact in and around criminal justice. Recognising the vital importance of criminal justice to social justice, the CSJ created a dedicated Criminal Justice unit in 2017.

The CSJ’s past publications range from proposals to tackle gangs (Dying to Belong), the reform of our prisons (Locked Up Potential), and the creation of more local freedom to fund the fight against crime (Growing the Local).

The CSJ’s Criminal Justice unit is able to work across the system from end-to-end. Our close working with other units at the CSJ ensures we can go beyond the formal criminal justice system and connect with the pathways that lead so many into poverty or the criminal justice system. This unique capacity helps ensure we are best placed to develop proposals for early interventions that tackle root causes, cut crime, fight poverty and change lives for the better.

The Criminal Justice unit at the CSJ is led by Rory Geoghegan and benefits from both a Criminal Justice Advisory Board and a Criminal Justice Advisory Panel. While the Advisory Board helps set the strategic direction and supports the development of the unit, the Advisory Panel is made up of recognised experts and leaders in the field of criminal justice and public safety.

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