Family Policy Unit

About the Family Policy Unit

The Centre for Social Justice was one of the first think tanks to set out the extent of family breakdown in our poorest communities and develop policy recommendations to reverse family breakdown. The Family Policy Unit has been established within the Centre for Social Justice to further our political engagement and research in this area and provide the policy makers with practical recommendations to reduce family breakdown in our poorest communities.

Despite the very significant body of research evidence from the CSJ and elsewhere around the importance of healthy and stable relationships, there is still a reluctance from Government to embrace the agenda fully. The Unit seeks to change the political narrative around family breakdown by demonstrating why stronger families are an important part of improving the life chances of children from our poorest households.

Head of Family Policy

The Family Policy Unit is led by Frank Young who manages the work of the Unit and is responsible for undertaking new research which promotes the important role families play in tackling poverty and improving life chance. Frank joined the CSJ from the private sector where he was an Associate Director of a small public affairs agency. Before that he held a number of high profile campaigning roles for a major political party.

Frank works alongside a Steering Group of high profile political figures, family policy experts, and philanthropists who are committed to reversing family breakdown in our poorest communities.

Frank Young:

Family Policy Publications

The CSJ has a long history of publishing original research into the role of families within policy. Our historic archive of publications can be found here:

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