Economic Dependency and Worklessness – Call for Evidence 2013-14

Economic Dependency and Worklessness – Call for Evidence 2013-14

6th November 2013

The Centre for Social Justice is an independent think-tank established to put social justice at the heart of British politics. We recently published Signed On, Written Off: An inquiry into welfare dependency in Britain which outlined the scale of welfare dependency in Britain today and explored the barriers which are preventing people from finding sustainable employment.

The second phase of our research project is now underway and we would like to gather views from other interested parties. The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2014.

We are looking for practical policy ideas and solutions to any or all of the following questions:

  1. How can we ensure young people leave school/college with the right skills, work experience and careers advice to get a job? What role is there for employers in this?
  2. What should the state reasonably expect an unemployed person to do to find work? Similarly, what help should that individual reasonably expect of the state? What role should employers, housing associations, Job Centres and others play in this?
  3. What support needs are there (such as an addiction or transport barriers) that current employment provision is missing/is not adequate at delivering? What should provision look like?
  4. Are there geographical barriers to work and how can we overcome them? Are they linked to low aspirations?
  5. How do we best ensure that social housing is not a barrier to employment? How can we improve mobility in the social housing sector?
  6. How can individuals in work be helped to increase their earnings and progress in the labour market to become free of the benefits system altogether?

Ideas must be effective and offer value for money. We are particularly keen to receive case studies or examples of best practice with clear evidence of success. We are also interested in hearing about what we know doesn’t work. Submissions will inform our thinking ahead of our major Breakthrough Britain II report, due to be published in 2014.

We are interested in hearing from employers, welfare-to-work providers, housing associations, academics, think-tanks, local authorities, schools, colleges, the unemployed and others with an expertise or interest in this area. We are particularly keen to hear from grassroots voluntary organisations who are working effectively to reverse social breakdown.

All submissions should be submitted via e-mail to Tom Wardle, Lead Researcher on Economic Dependency and Worklessness at:

Please indicate if you would prefer any part of your submission to remain confidential. The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2014. Please distribute this Call for Evidence amongst your networks.

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