The CSJ Awards 2019

The CSJ Awards is an annual, high profile award ceremony that honours the best grassroot, poverty-fighting charities and social enterprises from across Britain. Five winners will receive a £10,000 grant and be profiled in front of hundreds of leading figures from across the country.

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) exists to prevent and tackle poverty across Britain.

We work closely with an Alliance of almost 400 grassroot charities and social enterprises as they are critical to our mission, both in their vital work supporting people out of poverty and through feeding their insights and ideas into our policy work.

The CSJ Awards find the very best grassroot charities and social enterprises from across Britain, gives them £10,000 to scale their impact and puts them in the spotlight for senior politicians, philanthropists and business and charity leaders to be inspired by and learn from.

The event is designed to give Award Winners unique opportunities to connect with other people passionate about furthering the cause of social justice in Britain.

The Award Ceremony will be held in a central London location on Tuesday 5th March 2019.

The CSJ Awards 2019 are focussed on finding charities and social enterprises who are proving themselves effective at preventing and tackling poverty in Britain. The award judges will be particularly interested in organisations that:

  • Tackle the root causes of poverty
  • Intervene early to prevent poverty
  • Are ambitious for the lives of their clients
  • Find innovative ways to combat poverty
  • Have the potential to scale the impact of their work
  • Have a turnover of less than £3 million
  • Are working with people living in Britain

Please note that charities that have previously won CSJ Awards within the past five years will not be considered.

The CSJ Awards 2019 will have five winners, one for each of the categories below. Charities can apply to multiple categories but will only be able to win one award.

Award One – The Maxie Richards Addiction Award

Drug and alcohol addiction is rife in Britain. There is, however, little and shrinking support for those trying to beat their habit and record numbers of people are dying drug related deaths.

The Addiction Award is looking for charities that are effectively supporting people from addiction into abstinence and sustainable recovery.

Award Two – The Family Award

Britain is in the grip of a family breakdown epidemic. A million children are growing up without any meaningful contact with a father figure and family breakdown is increasingly causing poor child mental health and undermining children’s futures.

The Family Award is looking for charities finding innovative ways of encouraging stronger and more stable families in Britain.

Award Three – The Work Award

While record numbers of people are in work, everything is not well in the jobs market. For instance, there are over a million disabled people who want to work trapped out of work; and a growing number of people are stuck in low-paid, insecure work with no chance to progress.

The Work Award is looking for charities that are supporting those with significant employment barriers into work and those helping people progress out of low paid, insecure work.

Award Four – The Education Award

Children from the poorest backgrounds are often not getting the education they need to thrive. Only a third of children on free-school meals get A*-C in English or Maths GCSEs, and only 1% of those in alternative education.

The Education Award is looking for charities that are able to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds thrive in education, thereby boosting social mobility.

Award Five – The Criminal Justice Award

Crime disproportionately affects poorer communities and an effective criminal justice system can ensure public safety, improve lives and rehabilitate offenders. Yet currently almost half of all ex-prisoners reoffend within a year and crime is on the up.

The Criminal Justice Award will be looking for charities helping prevent crime, protect victims and turn around the lives of those involved in the criminal justice system.

Organisations can apply for awards from Wednesday 29th August. The application process will remain open until Tuesday 25th September.

To apply, please click on the APPLY NOW button below.

Please note the following regarding the application process:

  • If you have a question about the application process please email with your query, rather than phoning the office.
  • Charities that have been shortlisted will be contacted by 15th October.
  • Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to individual requests for updates throughout the process. If you have not heard by 15th October, I am afraid you have not been successful this time.
  • All shortlisted charities will be visited by policy experts between the 20th October and 5th November as part of the application process.
  • The final decision on the winners will be made by an independent judging panel made up of senior philanthropists, politicians and business and charity leaders.

The winners will be announced in December 2018.


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