Shortlisted Charities Feedback

CSJ Staff Visits to Shortlisted Charities:

A Briefing Note


  • The aim of these visits is to evaluate the charities beyond what can be written in an application. You job is to really get a strong sense of what the organisation is all about so you can communicate this back to the Independent Judging Panel in your feedback.
  • Your visit has been organised by the charity and should last a couple of hours. The charities will be keen to ‘put on a show’ for you and present themselves in the best light. Your job is to politely probe them and allow them a further chance to showcase their impact and good works and allow the Independent Judging Panel to better understand what they do.
  • When you start your visit speak to people you meet when touring the charity and even people you see outside. If they are a charity with a visible community footprint they will have people around who have not been ‘scripted’ to respond in a specific way.
  • At the end of this Briefing Note you will find a series of questions to ask during your visit. It is very important that you read the charities’ application form in advance of your visit and prepare at least THREE questions which are bespoke and dig a little deeper into the answers provided by the application form.

Things to consider:

Impressions of the Charity: You are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the Independent Judging Panel. Try to articulate your overall impression in your feedback by describing whether the charity is focused on the neediest and tackling the root causes of poverty or are they focused on funding streams rather than the most vulnerable? Above all do they inspire you and would they inspire the audience on the night of the Awards?

Impact: Impact is very important, how far does the organisation clearly demonstrate impact and is the charity able to clearly identify how its work changes lives and tackles the root causes of poverty?

How would you rate the impact of this charity? Does this charity have a long term impact? Do they have a long term approach to client engagement or is it more of box ticking exercise to access funding?

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