Senior Researcher

Posted on: 16th July 2021
Closing date: 8th August 2021
Email: Recruitment
Full job description: Senior Researcher

Do you want to spend a year researching and campaigning to improve basic skills in our schools?

At the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) we’re doing just that, and we’re looking for one person to join our Education Unit and lead our work in this space.

The number of people who leave school without the basic skills they need to thrive is alarmingly high, particularly for disadvantaged pupils. The learning gap between disadvantaged children and their peers emerges early and expands at frightening pace. Covid-19 has exacerbated what was already a serious problem, and something must be done to remedy this social injustice. The CSJ therefore proposes to undertake a project looking at what can be done early in a child’s life, within the home and at school, to allow them command of the basic skills we know hold the key to their prospects.

We’re looking for someone who can problem-solve in a strategic, political way, drawing on a real-world understanding of the circumstances that lead to low basic skills. You will need to identify problems on the ground; determine local, regional and national trends; and construct appropriate policy solutions.

If you want to help change policy and practice in this area, and you are keen to network across the education community to achieve these goals, then we’d love to hear from you.

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