Trushar Pandya

Head of Data and Analysis (Welfare and Work Policy Lead)

I want the people of this country to lead good lives and be good people; to do this they need to be served well by what national and local government does – where leaders reflect public needs and concerns and drive behaviours, and be shown how to be good citizens and families – ones who care about society, contribute to communities and consciously carry out personal responsibilities. I know the latter is more difficult for the poorest and most disadvantaged; this is why I want to bring in my technical competence and policymaking passion to put social justice at the heart of British politics.

I gave myself to this public good; initially being a senior analyst and policy official in four UK Government departments over decades – Work and Pensions, Justice, Constitutional Affairs and Education and have worked with many others in Westminster, and now do so at the Centre for Social Justice. I aim to use my experiences from election planning, spending review handling and fiscal events preparation to policy formulation, stakeholder engagement and legislation management working directly to Ministers to make a difference for the deprived. underprivileged and disenfranchised.

Something you might not know about me

I want to make my country both accepting of pluralism and feeling proud of its culture, and see no contradiction between these goals; thus I use my vinyl record collection to explain songs, issues around and context behind these, to represent people similar and different to me. I love all forms of music from folk to electronic and much in-between, and get a kick out of informing those unaware e.g. I enjoyed doing so recently for Women’s Day with records of social conscious.

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