Matthew Greenwood

Head of Debt

I work at the CSJ because I was drawn to our mission to help the most vulnerable and deprived people in society. Having grown up in a left-behind seaside town, I’ve witnessed many of the CSJ’s 5 pathways in my immediate surroundings and recognise that, for most, stability is the most important factor in building a way forward. My time volunteering for the CSJ’s work experience programme in January 2020, where I spent time in the Family Policy Unit was shaping. I discovered an appreciation of the value and role of small charities that make up the CSJ Alliance. It is their lived experience of knowing and supporting the most vulnerable that enables the CSJ to bring otherwise unheard voices to Westminster.

Something you might not know about me

In 2015, I had a life-threatening and unexplained anaphylactic shock which prompted me to change my outlook on life

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