Joe Wheeler

Senior Researcher

I joined the CSJ at a time where the poorest in our society are really struggling to make ends meet, and as a country we try to recover from the devastating and lasting impact of the pandemic. Hard times punish those who are most vulnerable and exacerbate the issues they are facing. Poverty is so much more than financial struggles, and we need to address the root causes in order to support the most disadvantaged in society.

I was drawn to the CSJ due to its commitment in tackling those root causes of poverty and its impressive thought leadership in driving progressive policy change.

Having previously worked in social policy evaluation with a particular focus on vulnerable audiences and minoritised  communities, I passionately believe that those working on the frontline, and those with expertise by lived experience should have an active role in the policy decisions. The CSJ foundation alliance does fantastic work in this space, giving a voice to the frontline across the country.

I am working within the CSJ education team, who currently are doing important work in addressing policy issues around attainment, school absence, quality alternative provision and inclusive education practices.

Something you might not know about me

I am a lifelong Millwall fan (for my sins), joining many other CSJ colleagues who are fans of mid-ranking championship clubs.

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