Alexandra Galvin

Senior Researcher

Drawn by the organisation’s commitment to supporting vulnerable individuals and communities, I joined the CSJ to make a meaningful impact on policy and work closely with grassroots charities. As a dedicated advocate for the importance of domestic abuse survivor support, I initially contributed to the Family Policy Unit in March 2022 before transitioning to the Education Policy Unit in November 2022. As part of the Education Policy Unit, I work on addressing educational inequalities, supporting vulnerable students, and advocating for comprehensive reforms to improve school outcomes, alternative provision quality, and access to mental health services in schools.

Prior to joining the team, I completed my MSc in social and cultural psychology at the London School of Economics, where I specialised in political psychology and dialogue, conflict, and negotiation. I am passionate about the CSJ’s work as it allows me to apply my background in psychology, combined with research experience in a neurodevelopmental laboratory, to advocate for meaningful change in the realms of family and education policy.

Something you might not know about me

I used to work as an American Sign Language interpreter for a small theatre in Los Angeles.

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