It Happens Here:
Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery

March 2013

Executive Summary

Full report

The CSJ’s seminal new report, It Happens Here: Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern slavery highlights the horrific reality of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK. Adults and children from the UK and abroad are enslaved in the sex industry, in forced labour and criminality, and behind closed doors as domestic servants. The report makes evidence-led recommendations for the UK to radically improve its approach to this appalling crime. The report contains shocking findings of the woefully low awareness of the problem of modern slavery amongst frontline agencies such as the police, social services and the UK Border Agency, and recommends effective and sustainable training for those whose responsibility it is to identify and protect victims of modern slavery.

The report calls for the appointment of an Anti-Slavery Commissioner to bring the essential leadership and accountability that is currently lacking. It also calls for a major new Modern Slavery Act to bring clarity to modern slavery offences and ensure that victims are more effectively identified and are not prosecuted for crimes they may be forced to commit as a result of being enslaved. The report contains shocking evidence of victims of modern slavery who have been wrongfully imprisoned or detained. Highlighting the critical role of the private sector in tackling modern slavery the report calls for businesses to make public the efforts they are making to develop more transparent supply chains, and to recognise their responsibility in stamping out this crime.