Early Intervention: Good Parents. Great Kids. Better Citizens.

12 September 2008 First Edition 

7 May 2009 Second Edition 

Full Report

This report, co-published with the Smith Institute and written by the Labour MP, Graham Allen and the former Conservative leader, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, provides evidence of how early intervention can break intergenerational cycles of under-achievement and multiple deprivation.

The report is focused upon the need to intervene as early as possible in a child’s life to break the circle of disadvantage and underachievement to help each child fulfil their full potential. The report emphasises the importance of working with parents and families to address the cultural and material factors of a child’s home life which have such an impact upon later attainment. The evidence points to the fact that remedial action at 11 years of age is often too late to make a substantial difference to the child in question, whereas intervention far earlier in childhood will be the most effective. 

This report looks at the development of a child’s speech, language and communication, their literacy and numeracy skills, their social and emotional skills and their aspirations and educational progress. The importance of the role of parents is stressed as a key factor outside of school life which impacts so heavily upon a child’s life and outcomes. The children of today are the parents of tomorrow, and encouraging better parenting skills is vital to create capable and successful citizens in the next generation. 

This report, which attracted cross-party consensus, was a vital precursor to the two Early Intervention Reports commissioned by the Coalition Government and written by Graham Allen.