Current policy development

The CSJ continues to develop evidence based policy to change people's lives and tackle the root causes of poverty.

Breakthrough Britain 2015

Breakthrough Britain 2015 will revisit the ‘five pathways’ as well as looking at the voluntary sector and the role it plays in tackling poverty. During this project the CSJ team will work all over the UK, in some of the most disadvantaged communities, to discover first-hand what factors fuel poverty.

Community Cohesion

Recent figures indicate that both relative poverty and economic inequality have risen over the past 13 years in the UK. It is also apparent that deprivation has increased even more strikingly among Britain’s minority communities.

Local Government

Local government’s share of the public purse has been shrunk by a quarter and further reductions are probable in 2014. Social pressures such as adult social care and youth unemployment continue to grow. Necessary reforms raise further fears. The weakest and most vulnerable in society are at greater risk than ever before. How can local government respond?

Criminal Justice Programme

Social Justice and Criminal Justice go hand in hand. Not only does crime disproportionately affect poorer communities, but those committing it are far more likely to suffer from the causes of social breakdown. The Programme will advance just, evidence-based and cost-effective reforms designed to prevent crime, protect society and turnaround the lives of those involved in criminal activity.