The CSJ Awards 2018
The Family Award

The Family Award

The ‘Family Charity Award’ will be awarded to an outstanding, innovative and effective organisation dedicated to helping families suffering from breakdown and the impact of dysfunctional relationships by providing the advice and support to rebuild the broken relationships and helping them to create a stable and supportive environment for both children and parents to thrive.

We are especially interested in charities that focus support on healthy marriages and encouraging positive fatherhood. All applicants must demonstrate how their model is sustainable and clearly outline their organisations’ impact through qualitative and/or quantitative data.

Applicants should also be able to explain how their model is replicable and/or scalable, demonstrating that it can be potentially used to help families suffering from breakdown all over the UK.

Application Instructions

Please read the instructions carefully to avoid your application not being processed

  • Applications will stay open until 17.00hrs on Friday 13th October 2017
  • All applicants must not exceed an annual turnover of £3 million and must be based in the UK
  • There is one application form per category. Some charities may offer services that apply to more than of the one categories listed. These charities may apply for more than one category but will only be eligible for one prize.
  • Applicants must not exceed the word limit for each question. Applications will not be processed if any answers exceed the word limit.
  • If you are applying for the Social Enterprise awards, you must only be a social enterprise and cannot be a charity with social enterprise as a part of your offer.
  • You cannot apply if you have won one of our Awards in the last five years.
  • Shortlisted charities will be visited by someone from the CSJ between the 20th October and 5th November.
  • A team of very senior philanthropists, media personalities and business people will carry out judging on the 5th December.
  • Winners will be announced before Christmas
  • The Award Ceremony will be on the 13th March 2018. Both winners and shortlisted charities will be invited to this event.

When applicants have filled out their application form they must email them to [email protected]
Application deadline: 17:00 on Friday 13th October 2017

  • About and Contact Information

  • (please include number of hours given per month)
  • Assessment

The Prize Fund has been instrumental in allowing us to continue our project into a new and second phase, but also I wanted to thank the CSJ team for the fantastic awards ceremony, it was such a proud evening for the team, after all their hard work, and one I know will never be forgotten.- Invisible Walls, CSJ Award winner for 2017